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Self care

Who should I see? A visit to your GP might not always be the most appropriate first step for every ailment. There are many services you can self-refer to and ... [continue] Self care

COVID-19 Info

For up to date information on COVID-19 please visit NHS Inform. VACCINATION CLINICS Everyone over the age of 12 years is eligible for the COVID vaccine. Please visit NHS inform ... [continue] COVID-19 Info

Pharmacy First

NHS Pharmacy first Scotland – Information for patients What is NHS Pharmacy First Scotland? NHS Pharmacy First Scotland is an NHS service provided by your local community pharmacy (a pharmacy with a contract to provide NHS prescriptions and ... [continue] Pharmacy First

Mental Health

All the doctors in the practice see patients with mental health problems. If you think you are suffering from low mood, anxiety or any other mental health issue, please book ... [continue] Mental Health


*There is currently a global shortage of ADHD medication – please click here to read more about it* What is ADHD? Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a condition which ... [continue] ADHD

Sexual Health and Contraception

All of our doctors and nurses will be able to discuss contraception with you. Contraceptive Pill If you wish to start a contraceptive pill please make an appointment with our ... [continue] Sexual Health and Contraception

Fear of flying (flying phobia)

We are often asked to prescribe sedative drugs, such as diazepam (Valium), for fear of flying. We have  agreed a practice policy that we will no longer prescribe these drugs ... [continue] Fear of flying (flying phobia)


Muscle/Joint Problem You can find information about common causes of muscular pain with exercise tutorials on the Chartered Society of Physiotherapist website. If you have a muscle or joint problem ... [continue] Physiotherapy


Flu Vaccinations  The way you will get your flu vaccine this year has changed. People aged 50 or over, or those with medical conditions that deem them eligible, will now ... [continue] Vaccinations


What is insomnia? Insomnia simply means difficulty sleeping. Symptoms vary between individuals and include difficulty getting to sleep, difficulty staying asleep or having poor quality sleep. There are lots of ... [continue] Insomnia

NHS health information

There is plenty of information to help you manage your health on the NHS website. These buttons will take you to different sections of NHS and you can look up ... [continue] NHS health information

Hospital appointments and referrals

This information sheet tells you about what happens when your doctor makes a hospital referral for you. It covers waiting times, changing appointments and who to contact for more information. ... [continue] Hospital appointments and referrals


You may be asked by your GP to input your peak flow readings into this excel spreadsheet. Your GP will explain how to do this. Please download the Peak-Flow-Template and ... [continue] Asthma

Getting Active

Want to get more active? Not sure where to start?  We are now offering regular appointments with a healthy lifestyle coordinator at the practice. Louise is part of Health all ... [continue] Getting Active

Date published: 8th October, 2014
Date last updated: 1st July, 2021