Gilmore Medical Practice

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We have been offering a new appointment system since June 2021. We aim to offer patients a choice between face to face and telephone appointments. These appointments are 10 minutes. Most of our appointments will be same day appointments but we try to reserve some pre-arranged appointments that can be booked up to a week in advance.  Reception staff will ask you for a brief indication of the nature of the problem when you phone. This is to ensure you are seen by the most appropriate person.

Same day appointments

These are reserved appointments for both urgent and routine problems which allow our patients to be seen on the day they phone for an appointment. You may not be able to be seen by the doctor of your choice and the choice of times will be limited. Phone as early as possible after 8am on the day to make the appointment. You can choose whether this appointment is face to face or by telephone.

Extended hours appointments

For working patients who cannot attend during normal surgery hours, we offer one doctor’s surgery per week from 5.30pm on either a Monday or Wednesday evening.  These appointments are bookable in advance.

Home visits

If you are unable to come to the surgery and you think that you need a doctor to visit you at home then please contact the surgery by 10am.